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Access your customer’s data in real-time.
Use 30+ attributes to minimize cart abandonment and increase conversion rates.

Use Customer Profile data with your favourite platforms

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Improved Meta Audience Targeting (pre iOS 14 like)

Track meta ads after iOS 14.
Additional targeting  options.
Non-bias attribution model.
Data feed automation. No manual imports.

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Game changing Google ads custom audiences

Additional targeting  options.
Non-bias attribution model. 
Data feed automation. No manual imports.

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Non-spammy Pop-ups with Optinmonster

Create pop-ups based on customer journey.
Non-spammy conversion focused approach. 

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Always-up-to-date email segmentation with Klaviyo

Automatic data feed to email segments.
Additional segmentation options.

Connect sessions with individual users

Verfacto connects all anonymous actions with individual users across all devices. When it is possible to identify a returning visitor, Verfacto merges new activity with the existing profile.

Know the phase of customer journey

Enrich your customer journey strategies with deeper understanding of your audience.

Use Profile data in your favourite tools in real-time

Your email and onsite marketing tools like Klaviyo, MailChimp, Omnisend, OptinMonster, OptiMonk can be times more effective if they have more data fuel to power them.

Meta ads will never be the same

Continue tracking your customers even after iOS 14. Verfacto will take responsibility for sending all the data you can imagine to improve machine learning.

This is just a tip of the iceberg. Let us give you a tour.

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Our subscription plans are based on a scale of your business to satisfy your needs while keeping the price affordable.



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