Smart discounts​

Offer discounts when they are needed only and keep a high-value feel around your products. ​​

Make smart discounts​

Giving discounts is a great way to encourage customers to purchase. But overdoing discounts may hurt your business.

Those who would buy anyway, even without a discount, will bring you less revenue. You are also risking to send your customers a message that your products are not really worth the full price.

You don’t want this to happen, do you?

Segment by purchasing behavior​

Customers buying for full price are usually driven by different reasons than those who prefer buying with discounts. Meet their needs and make more sales!

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Push hesitating users​

Behavioral analytics can identify users who are about to convert but hesitate. Show them targeted pop-ups to encourage them to purchase.

Send segmented emails​

Export discount-based customer segments (e.g., Full-price buyers, Discount buyers, Sales lovers) and send them personalized newsletters with tailored offers.

How to use smart discounts in eCommerce​


Conversion rate increase

Verfacto’s Behavioral analytics identified a distinctive behavioral profile of purchasing users: 35 on-site engagements and 3 sessions.

Set up a targeted pop-up with a 10% discount code to push similar customers to purchase without giving away too many discounts.

Conversion rate increased by 11%.​


Click-through rate increase

Verfacto segmented out Full-price buyers and Discount buyers.

Sent two different tailored offers to each segment.

The segmentation improved CTR by 28% and CR by 9%.​

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