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Level-up your eCommerce marketing with capabilities of AI and Machine Learning.

Real-time customer profiler

See the people behind the sessions. Identify customers before they log in.

Track all marketing activities

Enjoy a holistic overview of all your marketing activities. Monitor their dynamics with daily reports.

Never miss a vital thing: we will notify you immediately whenever anything requires your attention.

Push shoppers to actions​

Reveal distinctive patterns in customers’ behavior and anticipate their actions with on-site marketing tools.

Offer discounts when needed​

One size hurts all! Automatically personalize promotions to give every customer the minimum enough incentive to purchase.

Ecommerce analytics

Monitor health and stats of sales and marketing campaigns live in Verfacto Dashboard. All data is being constantly re-processed to give a complete picture at any moment.

No time for that? You will be receiving daily, weekly, or monthly reports with insights that truly matter.

Behavior predictions

You don’t wait until it’s raining to grab an umbrella. Why would you act differently with your business?

Predict the actions and value of your shoppers and act accordingly! Nurture them if they are likely to spend a lot, make them stay before they leave, offer them the products they shall be interested in.

Supercharged on-site tools

Add power to on-site marketing tools you are already using with Verfacto’s AI algorithms.

Make smarter pop-ups and push notifications based on findings from your marketing performance.

Advanced customer segmentation

Group your shoppers by their behavior, predicted actions, or your growth goals with traditional RFM segments or extra precise AI-generated segments.

Measure the performance of every segment independently and see migration trends from one segments to others.

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See the full picture of your marketing and get daily insights on how to improve it.
Forget about boring graphs and useless data, focus on business.

Customers trust us


increase in retention

“Absolutely happy with it. We knew we have potentially high retention but didn’t know what to do about it exactly.”


Vytautas Tauginas

CEO, Manilla


increase in revenue

“Verfacto helped us to understand what audience to approach. As a result, we lowered CPA for our ads by 20% and increased revenue by 34%.”


Ana Savicka

CEO, Undress


of budget saved

“Our goal was to decrease marketing budget as much as possible while keeping performance at the same level. As of today, we halved the budget and get even ~10% more leads than before.”


Dionizas Antipenkovas

CEO, Lendstream

Insights for epic marketing at your fingertips

Get instant data-driven ideas for marketing 🚀 with Verfacto’s AI analytics. 
Spend less on initial research and free up time for real work.

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