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Activate behavioral targeting​

Reveal distinctive patterns in customers' behavior and anticipate their actions with on-site marketing tools.​

Push visitors to action when they are ready

Paid marketing gets more expensive every year: Facebook and Google ads prices increased by roughly 30% in 2021 compared to 2020.

Each visitor that leaves without purchase is a loss for your shop. You are already paying for the traffic and naturally expect visitors to convert into sales. Of course, you couldn’t convert every single visitor. Still, you can maximize your conversion rate with behavioral targeting.

What is behavioral targeting? Behavioral targeting is when you identify habits that lead to desired results and target visitors with such habits with relevant offers or ads.

For example, you know that users who spend more than 7 minutes on your website, visit particular pages, and scroll the main page down to 40% are highly likely to add to basket. If they reproduce this behavioral pattern and still try to leave without a purchase, you show them an offer with a small discount to trigger the desired result.

The question is how to identify these behavioral patterns? Verfacto will do it for you. Sign up now and try it for free!

behavioral targeting definition

Behavioral targeting is...

  • precisely personalized experience
  • improved customer and brand loyalty
  • better targeting accuracy

Set a behavioral marketing goal

Choose what marketing metrics you want to increase:
  • customer lifetime value (LTV)
  • average order value (AOV)
  • second purchase rate
  • add to basket rate
  • returning visit rate
  • behavioral marketing goals

    Identify your ideal customer

    Based on your behavioral marketing goal, Verfacto identifies behavioral profiles of your best audience. Now you can target either particular behavior or specific customers who behaved like that in the past.

    Personalize customer experience

    Enable tailored offsite (newsletters) or on-site marketing (pop-ups, alternative content, tailored chatbots) for the chosen audience and watch the magic of data-driven marketing!

    How to use behavioral targeting in marketing

    There are many ways you can implement behavioral targeting in your marketing campaigns:

    • Run remarketing campaigns based on past customer behavior
    • Send targeted messages to customers based on their interests, past purchases, average order value, and more
    • Allocate your marketing resources to visitors that have the tendency to convert to paying customers
    • Time your marketing campaigns when users are the most active and responsive
    • Target your best-performing customers by knowing who they are based on their activity, behavior
    • Create custom messages and send them at specific times based on your customers’ location, native language, local events, and more.

    Have a question? Ask the Verfacto team and see the platform in action!