Create Effective Website Pop-Ups With Verfacto x Optinmonster

pop-ups with verfacto

Optinmonster x Verfacto results: 
Pop-ups based on customer journey phase;
Non-spammy conversion focused approach;
Increased conversion rate.

Many people consider on-site pop-ups to be a “spammy” marketing strategy. We beg to differ. Sure, if the pop-up isn’t well thought out, it’s annoying. But when executed correctly, it can be an effective communication element within the customer’s buying journey and actually lead to a very high conversion rate. 

Let’s go over an example of how you can create effective pop-ups the right way using Verfacto x Optinmonster.

How Does Verfacto Make On-Site Marketing Different?

Optinmonster is a powerful tool when it comes to on-site marketing, but its tracking features can be somewhat limited. They do provide a number of different attributes, but if you’re looking to implement more advanced strategies, it’s simply not enough. 

However, Verfacto can access website visitors’ profiles in real-time and use their attributes to create advanced strategies for Optinmonster. You are no longer limited to the default attributes that are available. Now you can identify: 

  • If the visitor is already a customer; 
  • if they’re a returning visitor;
  • how many sessions they’ve had on your page;
  • when their last visit was;
  • what their preferred channel is;
  • … and so much more!

Using these kinds of attributes can help you pinpoint your customer’s location within the buyer journey and customize your communication strategy accordingly. If you want to learn more about this feature visit: https://www.verfacto.com/blog/behavioral-data/real-time-customer-profiler/

What Strategies Do Advanced Attributes Enable?

Building a Subscriber List


Opting into an email subscription form is one of the first strategies we recommend employing when a customer attempts to exit your website. This way, even if you don’t make a sale, you still can get people added to your newsletter where you can keep them in your sales funnel.

We never recommend showing a newsletter pop-up on a customer’s very first session. Most likely, a first time visitor has very little knowledge of your products, so they’re likely not going to be interested in signing up for your newsletter.

Because of Verfacto’s ability to identify a user’s session count (and whether or not a user came from email), we can customize your website pop-up strategy to only show the newsletter sign-up option to customers who are already familiar with your brand. 

Main attributes used:

  • Session count ≥ 2 
  • Not a customer 
  • Never came from email


Your customer’s journey starts with their very first visit on your website. That is why onboarding is just as important as building customer loyalty. For this purpose, we suggest introducing onboarding pop-ups. Their focus is not to push sales or offer a newsletter subscription, but to provide useful information about your company and your products.

For example, maybe your website has a free shipping option. You may want to show a non-intrusive pop-up to let them know about this option as they browse your online shop. The same strategy could apply to a new collection, a relevant sales page, or a rewards program.

Main attributes used:

  • Session count = 1 
  • Pages visited =3


At the end of the day, your business wants to generate sales, so we identified a set of strategies focused solely on that. Let’s discuss one of those strategies, which we call “Catch the Explorer.”

For this strategy, we are looking for visitors who have returned to your website several times and seem to show interest in purchasing. At this stage, they are probably comparing prices, so a well placed discount pop-up can help them make a purchase decision. Verfacto can identify their session count and place a pop-up when it is most convenient. 

Main attributes used:

  • Session count 4-8 
  • Not a customer 
  • Pages visited ≥ 4

Personalization Based on Channel

One of the more interesting approaches to reach your customer with website pop-ups is to differ your messaging based on where the user is coming from. Let’s say you have a retargeting campaign and you want to increase the conversion rate. Verfacto can identify if a user is coming from a display campaign and if so, trigger a complimentary pop-up after a certain time period.

The thinking behind this strategy is simple. If a user is coming to your website from a display campaign, they are probably already interested in your products. This personalized pop-up strategy is a great way to give them a little push to make that conversion. 

Main attributes used: 

  • Last channel: display 
  • Session count ≥ 2

Eager to reach the audience that’ll make business happen for you?

How to Set Up Display Rules Unique to Verfacto Profile with Optinmonster?

First of all you must have the Verfacto plugin installed on your website. It will allow you to access real-time customer profiler data and use it as triggers for pop-up campaigns. 

If you don’t know how to create regular Optinmonster campaign, we recommend checking out their University page. Now if you have your basics covered, go to Optinmonster and create a new campaign. From there select “Display rules” and here you can create rules unique to Verfacto. 

Start by selecting “the JavaScript variable”. To input “key”  start with “vfUserData” and the following attribute is separated by “.” 
E.g. vfUserData.s_c

Note: fields are case sensitive

If an attribute contains several nested attributes like : cap_scores: {affiliates: 0, direct: 0, display: 0, email: 0, organic_search: 0,}. A selected attribute must be separated by a “.” too.

E.g. vfUserdata.cap_scores.email

To learn what each attribute does, visit our real-time customer profiler page

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