Advanced Email Strategies with Klaviyo x Verfacto

Klaviyo x Verfacto results:
Better open rates;
Less subscriber churn;
Always up-to-date mailing lists.

Email marketing is often considered to be a softer sell — a way to keep your audience invested in your brand without selling to them directly. Your email subscribers are most likely interested in your products or services and would like to hear from you more often. Even those who initially subscribed just to get a discount for their purchase tend to linger and will continue to open newsletters from you.

The secret to great email marketing is two-fold: you need to have a reliable email service provider and a fleshed out content strategy. In this article, we will show you how to create an effective email strategy using one of the most advanced email marketing platforms around: Klaviyo.

How does Verfacto make email marketing different?

Klaviyo offers audience segmentation tools and a website conversion tracker, but when combined with Verfacto’s real-time customer profiler and advanced attributes, you get an extra layer of depth. You can set up Klaviyo to automatically update your email lists with Verfacto attributes so you always have the most current audience queued up to receive your messages. 

Speaking of messages, let’s talk about email strategy and how to keep your customer’s journey in mind using some of Verfacto’s other advanced attributes!

RFM segments


RFM analysis is a method used to segment your audience by their Recency, Frequency, and Monetary Value. When you connect your eShop to Verfacto, we automatically generate an RFM analysis for you, which allows you to easily see who your “Champions” are, who your “Recent Customers” are, and anyone who has earned the “Can’t Lose Them” label.

Let’s discuss a couple of strategies you can employ to use these segments to your advantage!


Recency = 5
Frequency = 5

Champions are your current most loyal customers. They have the highest buying frequency and have made a purchase recently. These customers are very familiar with your brand and probably enjoy your products. They are the best audience to turn to if you want to ask for reviews! Don’t forget to give them the best treatment so they continue to serve as your most vocal advocates and brand ambassadors. 

Recent Customers

Recency = 5
Frequency = 1

It’s their first purchase, so onboarding and customer relationship should be your highest priority. We would recommend creating campaigns that are designed to teach them how to use your product or where they can find out more info about you and the other services you offer.

Can’t Lose Them

Recency = 1
Frequency = 5

“Can’t Lose Them” is a group of customers who were your champions once but who haven’t purchased from you recently. Your focus should be on re-engagement campaigns so you can win them back. If that does not work, your final effort should be to get feedback. Comments about their experience are often the best insights you can get about your business’ weak points.

Subscribers’ profiles will be automatically filled with the latest data from Verfacto. From this point you can check Verfacto for ideas or create strategies based on your business case. 

Eager to reach the audience that’ll make business happen for you?

Buying cycles


Another interesting strategy is to send emails based on your customers’ buying cycles. Let’s say you are a cosmetics brand and you noticed that your loyal customers are buying every few months. The reason for this is that they are probably using your products regularly and only buy more when they’ve used up their current supply. With this knowledge, you can determine an individual customer’s buying cycles and send newsletters accordingly. This way, you are not overwhelming your customers with content and instead, you’re using email marketing as a tactical part of your sales strategy.

Advanced attributes

The Verfacto tracker collects various data about your visitors and customers. In the case of email marketing, the most interesting ones are: LTV, AOV, and session count.


Your business likely has varied price brackets; you may offer both value and premium products. When you know a customer’s average order value (AOV), you can send more personalized messages and offers. You can segment your audience from high AOV to low AOV and send information about products and services that match their purchase history.

Another option would be to determine loyalty based on customer lifetime value (LTV). Let’s say your business is small- to medium-sized and you lack the data needed for RFM segmentation. You can use LTV to determine who your loyal customers are so you could treat them accordingly. 

Session count

Verfacto can track a user’s session count and determine if they are a customer or not. These attributes can work very well as email sequence triggers. 

Let’s say you have two new email subscribers and neither of them are customers yet. One had two sessions on your website and the other had eight. In other words, the first visitor is in the awareness stage and the second is in the consideration stage. You can create two different email sequences for them: 

  • Session count 1-3. It would be geared toward users who are not yet familiar with your brand. The email sequence should include onboarding information and wouldn’t offer your best deals upfront. 
  • Session count ≥ 4. In most cases, this segment would contain users who are comparing prices. They are looking for the best deal, so this sequence should be aimed at pushing them to convert. 

There are no email marketing strategies that are going to fit all businesses. Integrating Verfacto for Klaviyo helps you greatly expand your arsenal to find a strategy that works best for your brand. Keep in mind: all of these attributes should be used in tandem with on-site and performance marketing to get the maximum result possible.

How to set up Verfacto profile for Klaviyo?

First step is to link your Verfacto account to Klaviyo. It is done by going to Verfacto backoffice settings > integrations > Profile Gateway. 

There you select Klaviyo and enter your PUBLIC API key / Site ID.

From now you will be able to see new metrics in Klaviyo. Go to Klaviyo Analytics > Metrics > VerfactoProfile. New metrics will be selectable as triggers in your emailing Flows.


Subscribers’ profiles will be automatically filled with the latest data from Verfacto. From this point you can check Verfacto for ideas or create strategies based on your business case. 

From here you can create automatically filling segments. It is done by going to Lists & Segments and pressing  Create List/ Segment. For this example, lets create your Champion customers segment. 

If you have never created definitions for custom segment, it is highly recommended reading Getting started with segments by Klaviyo.

Start by naming your segment. Let’s call it Champions.

Now we need to define our segment rules. For this group we select What someone has done (or not done) and follow it with Has VerfactoProfile at least once over all time. 

From here we need to choose what attributes we want to use. To create Champion customers we need users with Frequency=5 and Recency=5. Start by adding where recency_score equals 5 to the current definition. 

Now we need to create Frequency rule. So we press +And and repeat steps above, but for the last part we use where frequency_score equals 5. 

Finish your segment creation by pressing Create segment. Now all of your champion customers will be dropping in this segment, so you can use them in your marketing effort. 

creating custom audience

Eager to reach the audience that’ll make business happen for you?

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