Verfacto for Magento

Marketing analytics for your Magento store.

Easy integration via API Access

Integrate Verfacto into your Magento store via API Access. Our team will provide you with everything you need for the integration.

Unlock the power of data and insights

Once you integrate Verfacto, your Magento store won’t need any other marketing analytics tool. It’s all here: simple to use and greatly effective.

Download a Data-Driven Marketing Strategy for 2022

Improve your marketing performance

You don’t have to start over with your marketing campaigns. Instead, sometimes the best course of action is to adjust them for improved performance. Verfacto analyzes your current marketing strategy and shows how it can be made more effective.

Create reports your way

You can choose from many of the predefined reports. If you want to create custom reports with specific parameters, you can do so with the Verfacto report builder.

Start for free

See the full picture of your marketing and get daily insights on how to improve it.
Forget about boring graphs and useless data, focus on business.

Customers trust us


increase in retention

“Absolutely happy with it. We knew we have potentially high retention but didn’t know what to do about it exactly.”


Vytautas Tauginas

CEO, Manilla


increase in revenue

“Verfacto helped us to understand what audience to approach. As a result, we lowered CPA for our ads by 20% and increased revenue by 34%.”


Ana Savicka

CEO, Undress


of budget saved

“Our goal was to decrease marketing budget as much as possible while keeping performance at the same level. As of today, we halved the budget and get even ~10% more leads than before.”


Dionizas Antipenkovas

CEO, Lendstream

Insights for epic marketing at your fingertips

Get instant data-driven ideas for marketing 🚀 with Verfacto’s AI analytics. 
Spend less on initial research and free up time for real work.

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