The 4 Biggest eCommerce SEO Benefits of 2023

eCommerce SEO benefits

It’s long been established that SEO is vital for the success of a business. Yet, considering that 90.63% of content never gets a single click, there is still a considerable lack of understanding about how SEO functions in business. In this article, we’ll be summarizing the top eCommerce SEO benefits you can gain for your online business if you engage in SEO.

From boosting your clicks to increasing the amount of customer data your company has, you’ll be amazed by eCommerce SEO can do.

eCommerce SEO Benefits

The central purpose of optimizing your blog for eCommerce is, at heart, a boosted ranking on the Google SERP. Luckily for us, many more benefits stem from this original factor.  Let’s take a look at four side effects from this change, moving through them in the order they’ll begin to impact your business. 

  1. Higher Ranking = More Brand Exposure
  2. More clicks and Traffic
  3. Increase Sales and Revenue
  4. Boost the amount of customer data captured

Brand Exposure

The second page of Google is mostly uncharted territory for the majority of people. In fact, under 1% of people will ever click on a link from the second page of Google. The first link receives around 71% of all search traffic. Due to this, the higher you are, the more likely it is that people will begin seeing your brand.

Even if your brand isn’t in the top spot, being on the first page will put you on the radar. As you build up the number of keywords you rank for in your respective eCommerce focus, you’ll be coming up on a larger number of Google Search results pages.

As your brand is seen more and more, people will subconsciously start to remember your brand name. Especially if you’re providing blog content that offers well-written and useful content, you’ll build a name for your brand that suggests you’re useful and reputable.

With a stronger eCommerce SEO foundation and higher rankings comes exposure. A larger base of users will come across your brand, either indirectly through articles or through your high rankings on the Google listing.

It all starts with getting your name on that first page!

More Clicks

Following on from more brand exposure, your eCommerce company will additionally begin to gain more clicks. From ranking highly, more people will find and click on your site.

As you gain more clicks, your domain rating will also begin to rise. As other sites find and link to your pages, alongside your increased traffic, your site will look more attractive in the eyes of Google. 

This causes a cyclic effect. A higher ranking produces more views. With more views comes more backlinks and a higher traffic stream. From this higher stream, comes an even stronger ranking. 

And so on!

Increased Sales

While selling more products definitely isn’t just a numbers game, a larger quantity of visitors certainly doesn’t hurt. With a higher eCommerce SEO (Google ranking), increased brand recognition, and more clicks, the number of people on your site will dramatically rise.

From this larger user base, you’ll also be pulling in more sales. All thanks to eCommerce SEO, you’ll begin to boost your website revenue.

At heart, your store is most likely around to make money. This increased sales portion of the eCommerce SEO benefits is vital and cannot be downplayed.

eCommerce SEO Benefits #4 – Increased Data Captured 

Data is one of the most important aspects of running a successful eCommerce business. A part of what makes eCommerce such a fantastic market to focus on is the fact everything is done over the internet. While this may seem obvious, everything done on the internet leaves behind a traceable trail of data. This can be incredibly valuable, when utilized correctly.

With a successful eCommerce SEO strategy, your business will have access to a new cohort of customer data. By using a data-driven marketing tool like Verfacto, there are a whole host of uses for this data.

Data, when turned into actionable insights, can give you a range of specific insights into your store. Let’s take a look at a few of the more effective ways you can harness one of the exceptional eCommerce SEO benefits.

Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation is one of the most important aspects of data-driven marketing (we’ve talked about it in our article about what is customer segmentation). Simply put, this is the process of creating user categories based on typical characteristics and behaviors exhibited. An intelligent data management platform like Verfacto will be able to categorize new users on your website into specific categories (we’ve discussed customer data management here, in depth).

Once you’ve got these categories, you’ll then be able to market directly to these people. For example, if Verfacto figures based on customer data that a particular user is more likely to buy trendy products, you’ll then be able to send personalized pop-ups to this person.

Over time, increased data improves the accuracy of data platforms. From this, your business will be able to boost sales and convert a larger portion of users.

These forms of behavioral targeting are truly only the beginning. Check out this summary of all of the ways data-driven marketing can truly transform your business. From boosting your LTV to increasing the AOV of each customer, data is your sure-fire path to success.

Time Spent Metrics

By recording the amount of time individual users spend on each page on your site, you can accurately map where users lose interest and click off your pages. 

Wondering which part of your sales funnel is the least effective? Now, with the power of data, you’ll be able to track exactly where you’re leaking customers.

Once you’re armed with this data-backed understanding, you’ll be able to actively shape your website over time, ensuring it is as optimized for your customers as it can be.

From the landing pages they enjoy to the typical pathways they take through your website, everything will be mapped and recorded. 

From this, you’ll have a clear idea of how to improve your site. 

No more luck. No more guessing. Just cold, hard data!

And More!

Harnessing the power of your customer data can effectively point you in the right direction when faced with a whole myriad of problems on your website. With a smart data tool like Verfacto, you’ll also be able to use the extra customer data eCommerce SEO grants in the following ways:

  • Offer discounts only when they are statistically needed
  • Maintain and manage your customer LTV and work towards boosting it
  • Sophisticated pop-ups that are personalized for your users
  • Product-pairing to recommend statistically probable purchases to users

This is truly only the beginning. If you’re looking to see the true power of customer data, then try out Verfacto’s one-month free trial

You’ll be able to utilize your additional customer data, the most overlooked eCommerce SEO benefit, and boost your company’s revenue over time.

And don’t forget to check out our ECommerce SEO Checklist and our article teaching you the SEO basics for eCommerce!! We’re sure it’s going to help you a lot!

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