Ecommerce data insights that boost sales

Verfacto is the most affordable way to turn Ecommerce data into extra revenue.

What's your data worth?

Data is the new oil, they say. But it’s worth nothing until it’s turned into something meaningful and valuable — insights. Once implemented, they can easily add 20% to the revenue of an average eShop. They can also save as much of your marketing budget. 

Reveal insights in your Ecommerce data and learn how to get them to work.

customer performance by behavior

Reveal patterns in your customers’ behavior that lead to targeted actions: add to cart, checkout, or buy a particular product.

It allows predicting how users will behave and how much they are likely to spend even before they make any purchase.

right products to the right customers

Identify products with distinctive positive and negative effects on customers in terms of average order value, customer lifetime value, and retention.

See the best cross-sell and upsell options, as well as a potential audience for these products within your visitors.

Pay less for new customers

You’ll always know what CPA pays off.

See what acquisitions channels bring you better customers for less money based on their predicted lifetime value.

Control effect of discounts

Make your discount strategies data-driven.

Discounts can have different effects on customer performance. Verfacto identifies when these effects are positive and when not.

Know your customers

Anticipate their wants and needs and act in advance.

Get a full overview of customers on a scale of the whole audience, specific customer segments, or single customers.

Verified Reviewer
Verified Reviewer
Helps to understand our customers better ☺An incredibly useful tool, that helps to transform the data collected into useful insights in order to generate more leads. ☹I didn't note any significant disadvantages.
Illia L.
Illia L.
Great insights gathered from data We received our initial analysis for free and didn't expect much. Surprisingly, it was much more insightful than we thought. Subscribed for a longer period, will see how it goes. ☺Great insights from data, especially how specific products affect customers' behaviour and lifetime value in the long run ☹Initial data analysis took about a week, but it was wrapped into a nice custom presentation about our business
Ana S.
Ana S.
Great product No cons for me so far. ☺We are a small manufacture of exclusive dresses. Each customer is important for us as we can't afford expensive marketing. Verfacto helped us to understand what audience to approach. As a result, we lowered CPA for our ads by 20% and increased revenue by 34%. ☹Quick and remarkable results, affordable pricing, awesome communication, personal approach.
Dionizas A.
Dionizas A.
Quick and affordable way to increase number of leads We've been working with Verfacto for more than 6 months already. Our goal was to decrease marketing budget as much as possible while keeping performance at the same level. As of today, we halved the budget and get even ~10% more leads than before. We have a stable positive progress, and although I'm quite happy with the results already, I assume it can even get better. ☺Easy integration + no need to analyze metrics on your own + unique behavioural tracker (we haven't seen anything alike anywhere else) + great support ☹Some features are tailored specifically for B2C e-commerce and do not apply for B2B.

See before you buy

We offer 1-month free trial to all new customers. You will see the value Verfacto brings you before any financial commitment.