How Verfacto’s Smart Discount Strategy Boosted Sales For Solaris Japan?

Who are they?

We’d definitely not be overstating that Solaris Japan is the go-to for the finest anime stuff in the world! Being a leading global store with over 100k items in the shop and worldwide shipping, their website is extremely appealing with a well-laid-out interface for shopping. 

Having all the value propositions to make a buzz, traction wasn’t Solaris’s challenge but to keep their customers, a.k.a anime lovers coming back for more (retention). And they reached Verfacto for assistance.

The numbers were great, despite us having to tread in a conformed way as:

  • Solaris Japan wanted a subtle retargeting approach, so as to not run the risk of interrupting their customers’ shopping experience. So Verfacto strategized pop-up campaigns to limited audiences with frequency capping. 
  • With Solaris’s on-site anime stock and traffic being quite high (100k items, and 500k monthly visitors). Having the right tool to aggregate this large data set previously posed a challenge to Solaris. However, with Verfacto it was no challenge at all. They weren’t just able to improve their monitoring capabilities but action on the data, in real-time, to their advantage.

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Verfacto was persistent to help Solaris ace its retention game, and that’s how we did it!

We tested and created high-converting discount pop-up campaigns that were Value-driven. Appeal-oriented. Time-sensitive

The objective was:

  • Improving the number of first-time customers 
  • Improving the number of returning customers

To achieve these objectives, team Verfacto strategically employed a discount code pop-up strategy at variable margins to appeal to the different types of customers that came on Solaris.   

Pop-ups to increase first-time customers

Overcoming cart abandonments 

The abandoned cart pop-up is one of the most commonly known pop-ups. Verfacto gives a spin to it and is not shooting it blindly, but waiting for buying intent to be present. This way we minimize the chance to annoy your customers and use them to give a slight push to buy.

Catch the “explorer”

We identified visitors who are coming to the website frequently in a relatively short period of time. We call them explorers. These visitors might be checking the prices with competitors or just deciding if they really want to buy the product. With a well-placed discount pop-up, you can give enough push to catch the explorer.

Giving an extra incentive for customers who’ve “added to cart”

One of the most important objectives is not to lose high-value shopping cart customers. We identify them and give special offers to complete their purchases.

Pop-ups to increase returning customers

Personal touch messaging for returning customers 

This campaign focused on increasing the number of returning customers. We already know this customer’s information, so we can give a personalized pop-up with a discount to increase the second purchase rate.

Furthermore, testing variable discounts lets us find out what discount works best to incentivise customers for a second purchase. 

When the data rolled back post-campaigns, here’s what it showed:

  • The second week in the row highlights those first-time customers who were encashed upon pop-up discounts had a 13% higher AOV, meaning that by interacting with the pop-ups, customers bought products of higher value. 
  • We also received 40% and 47% click-through rates from the two different discount margin pop-ups.  The higher variable discount code offered indicated better performance, especially for first-time users.
  • Mobile conversions were double (2x) that of the desktop conversions, indicating an opportunity for optimizing mobile conversion campaigns in the future.

The strategic and successful partnership with Solaris empowers Verfacto’s team to continue making strides toward helping brands achieve their marketing objectives. 

And we’re all set to take challenges head-on!

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