Verfacto brings data-driven marketing to Shopify stores

Verfacto, an analytical solution for data-driven marketing, has received a native Shopify app! It is now available for all Shopify users directly from Shopify App Store.

“Around 40% of eShops connected to Verfacto are powered by Shopify. It is the most popular eCommerce platform among our users. The new Shopify app connects Verfacto to a store with a literally single click. So now all Shopify users are just one click away from switching to truly data-driven marketing.” 

Andrejus Sereika, Business Developer at Verfacto

Verfacto automatically analyzes eCommerce data to generate insights that improve the performance of digital marketing. To achieve high quality of data insights, Verfacto reduces dependency on third-party data to the maximum. Instead of cookies that once have been an industry standard and now are dying out, Verfacto uses first-party behavioral data, which is unique to every shop and thus more reliable.

As soon as Verfacto connects to a store, it tracks users’ behavior on the website. Then the behavioral data is mapped to customer and order data creating rich customer profiles.

The next step is a segmentation of customers by various characteristics, including behavioral patterns. Verfacto segments customers both with RFM and machine learning models. While RFM segmentation is is quite common and clear for eCommerce businesses, it can’t offer the same level of personalization as machine learning segmentation.

ML segments are unique for every business and usually show things that are hidden from human eyes. Every subsequent ML analysis makes the segmentation more precise and insightful due to the self-improving nature of the algorithms.

This approach allows to build unique knowledge about visitors and customers and use it to predict and anticipate customer behavior, improve conversions, precisely target audience in ads, make smart discounts, and many more.

Start using Verfacto now on any platform and enjoy a 1-month free trial!

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