Activate behavioral targeting​

Reveal distinctive patterns in customers’ behavior and anticipate their actions with on-site marketing tools.​

Push visitors to action when they are ready

Each visitor that leaves without purchase is a loss for your shop. You are already paying for the traffic and naturally expect visitors to convert into sales.

Verfacto helps to identify behavioral patterns of your shoppers and push them to actions that you want.

Set a behavioral marketing goal

Choose what marketing metrics you want to increase:

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Identify your ideal customer

Based on your behavioral marketing goal, Verfacto identifies behavioral profiles of your best audience. Now you can target either particular behavior or specific customers who behaved like that in the past.

Personalize customer experience

Enable tailored offsite (newsletters) or on-site marketing (pop-ups, alternative content, tailored chatbots) for the chosen audience and watch the magic of data-driven marketing!

How to use behavioral targeting in marketing

There are many ways you can implement behavioral targeting in your marketing campaigns

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