The 11 Best Customer Profiling Tools for eCommerce Stores

Customer profiling is an essential part of your marketing strategy. When you understand who buys from you, where they come from, and why, you can create a marketing plan that is highly targeted. 

This plan leads to more sales, better customer relationships, and higher profits. Customer profiling software helps with this process by gathering data about your current customer base, analyzing their buying behaviors, and creating ideal customer profiles that highlight the features they have in common. 

The best customer profiling tools provide relevant business information on sociodemographic (age, income level), psychographics (values, interests), and lifestyle activities. 

We’ve compiled a list of eleven (11) tools that will help your business improve its customer profiles, so you can make better decisions about how to reach new customers.


What are Customer Profiling Tools?

Customer profiling software is a tool used to gather data about current customers, analyze their behaviors and create profiles that highlight the features they have in common. 

This information matters because it helps businesses improve their understanding of customers and make better decisions about reaching new ones. Having detailed customer profiles allows businesses to target sales and marketing efforts more effectively and efficiently, leading to increased sales and profits.

Customer profiling can also help businesses identify new growth opportunities. For example, a business that sells products for seniors might find through customer profiling that there is an untapped market for its products among disabled adults. This information could help the company develop new product lines or modify its marketing efforts to reach this new group of potential customers.


11 Effective Customer Profiling Tools for eCommerce Stores


1. Verfacto

It is an analytics and customer profiling tool that provides detailed insights into your customers’ behavior. It helps you understand how the end-users interact with your website, which pages they visit most often, and what content resonates with them best. 

The customer profile software offers real-time data collection so that you can make decisions about what to do next to improve customer satisfaction levels. It also serves a key purpose in helping you build buyer personas. 

With Verfacto, you can see how your customers interact with your eCommerce store at every step of the way: from the very first click to the final purchase. You can find out which channels they use most frequently and how much time they spend on different pages or sections of your site.


2. Oracle CX Marketing

Oracle CX Marketing is a customer experience management platform that provides a single view of your store’s customer data. This date outlook can be beneficial for profiling existing customers and potential customers. You can use this customer profile software to analyze customer preferences and identify patterns in their buying behavior, which will help you improve your marketing campaigns.

The management system also integrates with other Oracle tools like Datalogix; thus, it might be worth switching to Oracle CX Marketing if you already use these services.


3. Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a customer profiling tool that helps you build a 360-degree view of your customers. With Salesforce, you can create custom profiles for each one of your customers based on their interests, demographics, and purchase history.

Furthermore, Salesforce offers several ways to use your customer profiles. You can send targeted email campaigns and messages across various social media platforms. The platform also allows you to create a focussed customer’s journey map. With that, you can see how far along in the sales cycle each prospect is at any given time and what needs to happen before they make their final decision about whether to buy from your store.


4. IBM Customer Experience Analytics

IBM Customer Experience Analytics is a cloud-based solution that provides a 360-degree view of your customer experience across all channels. This customer profiling software helps you understand how customers interact with your brand and your products so that you can make data-driven decisions about improving the overall customer experience.

IBM Customer Experience Analytics is designed for any sized business, from small businesses to large enterprises, with customizable modules that allow you to start small and scale as needed.


5. Segment

Segment is one of the leading customer profiling tools that help you analyze your customers and build better marketing campaigns. This SaaS (Software as a Service) solution aims to simplify the way you collect data from different sources, then process and store it in one place.

With Segment, you can create an ideal customer profile of each person who interacts with your business. This customer profile template usually includes data on their location, which device they used to interact with your brand, which pages and features they viewed, and how long they spent on each page. With this basic information in hand, you can build smarter campaigns using the analytics tools in Segment.


6. Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein is an AI-powered customer profile software that helps you deliver a personalized experience for your customers. It can help you deliver tailored customer experiences by analyzing their interactions with your brand and products. 

For example, suppose a customer visits the same product page multiple times but doesn’t buy it. In that case, the platform can recommend that the customer take advantage of an offer or discount to convince them to purchase the item they have been considering buying.

The technology behind Salesforce Einstein includes three key capabilities:

  • Insights—Einstein generates insights based on data from multiple sources (including third-party business intelligence tools) to identify patterns and predict future behavior.

  • Personalization—Customers receive customized recommendations based on what Einstein knows about their preferences; these recommendations are displayed in real-time across channels so that customers can receive an optimal experience regardless of where they interact with your company online or offline.

  • Automation—Einstein automatically adjusts content based on past interactions with individual users so that each user gets an experience customized specifically for them without having to ask every single time they interact with a webpage


7. Oracle Eloqua B2B Marketing Automation platform

Oracle Eloqua is a B2B marketing automation platform that helps you create personalized, and relevant sales campaigns based on customer profile templates. This customer profile software enables you to generate more leads, drive more revenue, and improve ROI. Oracle Eloqua allows you to manage all your marketing campaigns from one place.

The key features of Oracle Eloqua include:

  • Campaign management

  • Lead generation

  • Lead nurturing

  • Email campaign builder


8. LeadMD – Lead Management and Demand Generation Services

LeadMD is a lead generation and management platform for marketers. It helps marketers find and convert high-quality prospects, with features like:

  • Lead Generation: leads are gathered from many sources, including the web, social media, and other channels.

  • Demand Generation: customers are identified based on their behaviors (e.g., browsing your website) or data points (e.g., email address).

  • Lead Conversion: the best leads are automatically moved through each stage of the sales funnel until they become customers.

You can even take things further by customizing it to match your business goals with customized workflows that drive campaigns across channels such as web traffic or email lists. As one of the top-rated customer profiling tools, it can help improve productivity across teams by automating repetitive tasks like setting up email blasts or tracking responses to social media posts in one central location instead of different places across different tools, making it complicated.


9. Defero Data Solutions – CRM, Marketing Automation, and Digital Strategy Services

Defero Data Solutions is a data-driven marketing agency headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company provides eCommerce businesses with CRM software, marketing automation, and digital strategy services.

Defero’s main specialty is developing personalization marketing strategies and marketing automation to boost sales and increase customer loyalty. Defero Data Solutions can track user behavior on your eCommerce store and recommend products to your website visitors based on past purchases or browsing history.


10. Adobe Analytics Elite

Adobe Analytics Elite is a customer profiling tool that allows you to use advanced segmentation tools. This customer profile software can help you identify the right customers and learn more about their behavior, motivations, and preferences.

The good thing about this program is that it’s easy to start. It includes a user-friendly interface and guides you through each step of the process in a way that makes sense. You can also try out other features such as behavior flow or funnel visualization without paying a dime.


11. Advertising Audiences – Targeting Tool

Advertising Audiences is a free tool that allows you to reach a specific audience based on their customer profile which makes note of various factors like interests, demographics, and behaviors. It is part of Google Analytics and can be used with Google Ads (which allows you to bid on keywords that drive traffic to your website).

Advertising Audiences help you find people interested in similar products as those already buying from your store. This way, it’s easier for retailers to target their advertising campaigns by focusing on users who have demonstrated interest in their industry or brand.


How to Choose the Best Tool for Your Business?

Before choosing the right customer profile software for your business, you must understand what problem you are trying to solve.

If you are looking for a tool that will help you boost customer engagement and drive more sales, then look at tools that offer personalization features. These can be used to target customers based on their purchase history, product preferences, location, browsing behavior, and other customer profile data points.

If your business is looking for data insights into overall customer behavior or identifying critical pain points in the sales funnel (such as cart abandonment), look for tools that provide behavioral analytics or eCommerce conversion rate optimization capabilities.


How to Build a Customer Profile in Real-Time with Verfacto?

Marketing analytics for eCommerce — Verfacto

Verfacto is a customer profiling tool that provides real-time customer profiling. It’s cloud-based and available as a software service (SaaS). The software offers tools for marketing automation, including audience building, lead management, and personalized email campaigns.

Here’s how it works: You upload your customer data into Verfacto, automatically analyzing it to create profiles based on past purchases or interactions with your brand. These profiles include what content they’ve viewed or liked on social media, how often they’ve visited your website, which products they’ve purchased, who referred them to you, and more.



Profiling has been proven to be a powerful tool for marketers looking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing efforts. By focusing on the factors that identify groups of customers with similar needs, interests, or behaviors, marketers can more accurately predict which products their customers are likely to purchase and how best to reach them.

The above guide brings you 11 tools that you can use to create customer profiles for your business.

Now that you know how important customer profiling is and what tools are available to help you do it, get started creating profiles of your customers today!


Profiling of customers refers to creating customer personas based on their past interactions with your brand. This valuable information can be used to understand better what content they are interested in, what products they are likely to purchase, and how often they interact with your business.

You can use this information to create targeted content and sales and marketing efforts that are more likely to resonate with each customer, increasing the likelihood of conversion. Additionally, understanding your customers’ profiles can help you make better decisions about product development, website design, and other aspects of your business.

In short, profiling your customers provides valuable insights that you can use to improve your marketing efforts and overall business strategy.

Customer profiling is crucial because it allows businesses to understand their target market better and create tailor-made sales and marketing efforts for each customer.

Knowing your customer persona and better insight into their shopping and spending pattern will help create customized sales and marketing plans that reap better results and ROI. 

There are three main methods of customer profiling: demographic analysis, psychographic analysis, and behavior analysis.

  • Demographic customer profiling looks at factors such as age, gender, income level, education level, and geographic location.

  • Psychographic customer profiling goes further than demographics by looking at customers’ lifestyles, values, personalities, and interests.

  • Behavioral customer profiling looks at how ideal customers interact with the business – for example, how frequently they visit a website, how much time they spend on the site, and what pages they tend to navigate.

There are four basic types of customer profiles:

  • Demographic profiling

  • Firmographic profiling

  • Behavioral profiling

  • Psychographic profiling

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