Marketing data analytics

Reveal best-performing acquisition channels with marketing data analytics.

Optimize marketing budget

Deciding on the best marketing channel based on CPC and CPA shown in advertising platforms can be misleading and short-sighted. Guide yourself with unbiased marketing data analytics instead.

Customer with high LTV perform better in long term.

LTV marketing

Play the long game and invest in customers with higher LTV (customer lifetime value). Unveil which channels not only bring you more “last-click” revenue but also attract the highest paying lifetime customers.

Independent data

Every ads platform will try to attribute as many conversions to itself as possible, be it Google, Facebook, or anything else. Verfacto will show you the truth.

Get unbiased data with Verfacto.

How to leverage marketing data analytics


Evaluated results of Advertising Channels (Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, and Shopify) by the lifetime value of customers acquired from these channels.


Data showed that customers from Facebook had 27% higher LTV than the ones from Google. Even though Facebook’s CPA is 12% higher, it is still a better channel for long-term success.

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