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Prevent customer churn and grow revenue with power of data

Move from data to actions

Improve your customer experience and marketing performance with customer intelligence insights.


Ecommerce analytics

Monitor health and stats of sales and marketing campaigns live in Verfacto Dashboard. All data is being constantly re-processed to give a full picture at any moment.

Behavior predictions

Verfacto AI searches for patterns in your visitors’ behavior to predict who is likely to add to cart, buy, or come again.

Tailored marketing insights

Boost any on-site marketing tool with the power of data-driven rules generated by Verfacto. Make them work at 100% capacity.

Advanced customer segmentation

Group customers as you like: from traditional RFM segments to complex but extra precise AI generated segments. Want to do it your way? Add custom segments!

Easy setup

Verfacto easily integrates to all popular eCommerce platforms with a dedicated app (Shopify) or via API access (Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop, WooCommerce).

Have a different or custom platform? We will tailor the solution for you.

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Verfacto—the most affordable way to turn Ecommerce data into extra revenue. Start using it with a free plan and see the value right away.

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