Clear up your doubts with the power of Machine Learning

Predictive customer scoring system for financial institutions.

You already have all the answers — they are in your data. Now get your way to them!

How Verfacto scoring works

Verfacto is a tool for data analysis. We help businesses get use of raw data. It is a team of data scientists and marketers in a one easy-to-use toolset.

In its heart—a unique machine learning algorithm. It analyzes your historical data and creates an individual scoring model. When new customers come, you will instantly know their value and potential risks for your business. The model is regularly updated with new data and constantly adjusting to it.


Verfacto AI precisely evaluates customers in real-time based on your retrospective data.


The more you use Verfacto scoring and update customer data, the more precise and accurate results you get.


Verfacto effectively works with the data you have. Additional data sources may be added anytime for better results.

Customer segmentation and marketing insights

Scoring your customers is important. Still, you need to get them first. Verfacto ensures that your marketing efforts are effective and bring you more prospects for less money. It wraps up everything what is hidden behind your data into clear marketing insights.

Marketing insights

Get answers to the most important questions about your business based on your unique data.

  • 1. What attributes define your best customers?
  • 2. Which marketing channels bring you best customers?
  • 3. How visitors’ behaviour impacts their chance to convert into customers?
  • 4. Which special offers help acquire good customers and which do not?
Start using Verfacto and see unique insights from your data!